NFRW Fall Board of Director's Meeting

Charleston, SC
September 8 - 11, 2010


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Charleston landmarks


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Republican women gather in N. Charleston, SC -

Thursday, September 9, 2010 - read more

Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center


 Site of the 2010 NFRW Fall Board Meeting
Charleston, SC


Thursday evening event
September 8, 2010

Rally and Neighborhood Blitz with
SC Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Nikki Haley at 1:15 p.m.
Neighborhood blitz in Mt. Pleasant: 2:00 p.m. - bus provided by Convention Center


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Read the entire official call.

Nikki Haley, candidate for SC Governor, rally
 in Charleston on Thursday, September 8


 Her speech REALLY energized the Republican Women!
 View video
by Thomas Hanson

Taking Back America was the theme of the weekend. Shirts were distributed on Thursday evening at the Nikki Haley event.

Nikki Haley is introduced by
 Suzanne Crow of LA

Many Haley supporters from SC proudly
 displayed their pink shirts.

In S.C. governor race, latest poll still has Nikki Haley way on top
Haley stumps in Holy City - GOP gubernatorial hopeful talks to women's group
By Robert Behre -- The Post and Courier - Friday, September 10, 2010



Left: View Meeting Program for the weekend              



Friday Event Photos
September 9, 2010

Call to order by Sue Lynch, President. Invocation by Dianne Thompson. Presentation of Colors by the Citadel Color Guard Detail, Charleston, South Carolina. Charm Altman, President of Sea Island Federation of Republican Women, introduces the Honorable Glenn McConner, Speaker Pro Tem of South Carolina Senate. Introduction by Betty Poe, President South Carolina Federation of Republican Women. 

Welcome and introduction of speaker - Karen Floyd, Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party.
Speaker: Jan Larimer, Co-Chairman, Republican National Committee

Jan Larimer - RNC




4 - 5

1. NFRW Sgt.-at-Arms directs attendees to board meeting room. 2. NFRW President Sue Lynch calls the meeting to order and welcomes everyone. Sec. Jane Lane on right. 3. Parliamentarian Jan Kennady and President Sue Lynch discuss a point of order.  4 - 5. Executive Committee at Head table  4. Jane Lane, Secretary - Rae Lynne Chornenky, First Vice President - Martha Jenkins, Third Vice President - Jessie Morton, Fourth Vice President - 5. From left:  Kathy Brugger, Member-at-large -  Carrie Almond, Member-at-Large - Brenda Smith, Treasurer -  Patt Parker,  Second Vice President - Jan Kennady, Parliamentarian and Sue Lynch, President




Display on PR Committee


8 --- 9
Displays in lobby


6. Lois Glab, Timekeeper   7. Fundraiser: Tote bags by PR Committee: Home of the Free Because of the Brave 
8 - 9  Fundraising tools: NFRW Committee Calendars, Keys to Fundraising and Women in Numbers (WIN) pins.
10. NFRW Public Relations Committee display  11. From GA: Millie Rogers, Suzi Voyles (GFRW Pres.) Judy True

12. NFRW Staff members Lisa Ziriax, NFRW Communications Director -
Bethany Nichols, NFRW meeting planner -   Roseann Slonsky-Breault of California, Vice Chair of the Americanism Committee

Friday morning program included introduction of New State Presidents by President Sue Lynch - Presentation of Standing Rules by Martha Jenkins, NFRW Third Vice President (in a very memorable manner) - Presentation of Special rules of Order by Jessie Morton, NFRW Fourth vice President - Presentation of Program by Kathy Brugger, NFRW Member-at-Large - Report of the Executive Committee by Patt Parker, NFRW Second Vice President

Investment Report by Latta Chapman, Morgan Stanley - 527 Ruling Report by Christine Oster, CAE, NFRW Finance Director - Report of the Treasurer by Brenda Smith, NFRW Treasurer - Regents Report by Caroline Pierce - President's Report by President Sue Lynch


Delicious Luncheon was enjoyed by
Republican Women from across the nation

Friday Luncheon 
Sen. Jim DeMint speaks at luncheon about rising GOP stars - view video



Friday Afternoon Board of Directors Meeting
Reports from Standing and Special Committees


Attending from Georgia
Pictured left to right:

Lori Pesta (Cherokee RWC )- Wanda Duffie (Greater Columbia County RW) - Bettye Chambers (Greater Gwinnett RW) - Vivian Childs (Cobb CRWC) - Millie Rogers (Cobb CRWC) - Suzi Voyles (GFRW President) - Lori Hullett (now in TN) - Tonya Boga (Cobb CRWC) -  Varie Rustin (Bonaire ) - Judy True (Chattahoochee Women's Club)

Saturday Morning
September 10, 2010

Invocation by Gwen Ecklund, Past President of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women and current Advisor to the President. - Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag by Joyce Hundhausen, Preident, Illinois Federation of Republican Women - National Anthem by Cary Shealy, Charleston, South Carolina
9/11 Remembrance by Joyce Grant, President, Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women
Introduction of Speaker by Lisa Sox, First Vice President, South Carolina Federation of Republican Women

Speaker Tim Scott, Congressional Candidate from 1st District of South Carolina
View Video: Meet Tim Scott

Report of Resolutions Committee by Linda Smith, Chairman, Kansas -
2011 NFRW Biennial Convention Update by Violet Corbett, Convention Chair, Missouri


Saturday Morning Presentations  from Washington, D.C.

Republican National Committee - RNC
Visit the RNC Website

National Republican Congressional Committee - NRCC
Visit the NRCC Website

National Republican Senatorial Committee - NRSC
Visit the NRSC website

Republican governors Association - RGA

Visit the RGA website

Impressive slide presentation by the NRCC and NRSC
Prospects are looking good for many Republican victories in the Congress and also the Senate.

Visit the NRCC Website for more information about the Young Guns and Patriot Program

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Visit the NRSC website for more information about candidates and likely winners.

Saturday Luncheon

Mallory Factor, Fox News Contributor,
Speaks at the Saturday NFRW Luncheon on Saturday, September 11

Mallory Factor warns of dire consequences if national debt not reduced
click here to view video


New NFRW Legacy Club awards at Saturday Luncheon

What is the Legacy Club?

Launched in 2010 by the NFRW Membership Committee, the Legacy Club promotes the development of Federation membership by helping provide the resources needed to give hands-on tools to local clubs, and by helping develop social networking programs and incentives for building membership.

Your contribution will help NFRW build a stronger and brighter future for present and future generations of Republican women!

Charter membership in the Legacy Club is available to those who join by Aug. 1, 2010. Download the list of
charter members. [PDF, 1 page]  Read more about this program


Saturday Luncheon Table Scenes
Remembering 9-11-01 on 9-11-2010
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Saturday Afternoon Website Workshop
Workshop: Online Opportunities for Achieving Our Goals

The NFRW and its leaders have developed several online opportunities to help states and clubs attract and educate members, elect Republicans, develop effective programs and much more. The workshop highlights several of these dynamic opportunities.






1. Lisa Ziriax, NFRW Communications Director, welcomes members to the Workshop: Online Opportunities for Achieving Our Goals  She introduces each presenter in the workshop and explains their job. 2 - 3.  Catie James, NFRW liasion to the RNC,  gives a slide presentation covering the RNC Stop Pelosi Bus Trip which will be going across America to every state to energize Republicans to hop on board to STOP PELOSI. Read more  
 4 - 5.  Jaculin Thompson Beigel of California gives a slide presentation explaining Republican Women Virtual Clubs. She is the NFRW Virtual Club Team Leader and serves as CFRW Northern Division Web Advisor and New Media Team Leader. View
 Presentation on the Virtual Club Model,





6 - 7.  Bettye Chambers, Chairman of the NFRW Website Assistance Committee, displays the committee website: and discusses several pages. This site gives suggestions and resources for building club and federation websites.  This committee also sponsors a program, Winning Webs, where club and federation sites which meet basic guidelines and who send in their application will be recognized in the weekly NFRW Capital Connection as a Winning Web of the Week.  8 - 9. Lori Pesta (in red) of the NFRW Public Relations Committee gives a presentation covering their recent committee project of constructing a single web page for every club which does not have its own website. She is assisted by Judy True of Georgia. View more.

Workshop: Online Opportunities for Achieving Our Goals - on NFRW website

Presentation on the Virtual Club Model, by Jaculin Thompson Beigel, member, NFRW Membership Committee and NFRW Web Site Assistance Committee [PDF, 11 pages]

Presentation on the Winning Web of the Week Program, by Bettye Chambers, chairman NFRW Web Site Assistance Committee
[PDF, 1 page]

View more photos of fall board meeting which are posted on the SC Federation of RW website.


NFRW --  Take Back America  
Video created by the NFRW Public Relations Committee
Vocal by Lori Hullett. -- a must view!  This contains MANY photos of Republican women at work in many states.

View video of Charleston


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NFRW Winning Webs banner by Heidi Roedel of Montana, NFRW Website Assistance Committee 2009
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