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-- Website Basic Guidelines --

  When selecting Republican Women Winning Webs of the Week to be highlighted in the NFRW Capital Connection, the committee will be looking for the following:

There are six basic rules of Web design for Republican Women Clubs and Federations. 

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to access
  • Consistent in layout and design
  • Quick to load.
  • Updated frequently -- at least twice a month and preferably weekly

    Additional Guideline Suggestions:
  • Include a site map to help visitors find items
  • Must have eye appeal with appropriate use of color and design.
  • Most important: CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT - interesting news items which are changed FREQUENTLY.
  • Domain name which is appropriate, easy to remember and as short as possible. i.e.,
  • Pages should include Welcome (home page), About Page which describes the organization and its purpose,  Events Page, Resources/Links, News Page, Photo Gallery, Contact Page, Join Page with membership form (on club sites only) Site Map Page.  Other pages which the Club/Federation feel important. New clubs may not find it necessary have this many pages in the beginning.
  • Easy to navigate with internal page links across top, sides and/or bottom.
  • All links -- internal or external --must be operational.
  • Links to important Republican sites at the county, state and national levels.
  • Each web page should load quickly.
  • Have contact forms or links to e-mail available for site visitors.
  • On Contact page list names of officers with contact information.
  • Include current news items which will be of interest to Republican Women.
  • Use of Dynamic HTML or Flash not required but it can add zip to the site. Use sparingly since it can be a distraction to visitors if used excessively.
  • Links to Club and Federation Newsletters and E-Newsletters should be available on the federation or club site.
  • Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are encouraged in addition to the official club and federation websites.

Winning Webs of the Week Selection

  • When selecting Winning Webs of the Week to be highlighted in the NFRW Capital Connection, the committee requests that you complete the following questionnaire and e-mail to the committee. When submitting an application for a club website, the club president must send a statement verifying that this is the official website for the club.

  • Click here for application. Please answer all questions when applying for Winning Webs recognition.  Since there are many excellent websites, it may take a number of weeks to highlight all who respond.

  • See current list of states and websites.  Visit the NFRW website and click on the states to view federation and club websites which have been reported to NFRW.

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